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Autoclave Vertical 50 Liter

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Specification :

* Valid Volume         : 49 Litre (Max)

* Working Pressure : 0,165 Mpa

* Working Temperature : 129o C

* Heat Average         : < + 1o C

* Timer                 : 1 - 80 Minutes

* Pressure-temp Controller : 115o C - 129o C, 0,07 Mpa - 0,165 Mpa

* Power                 : 2,5 kW / AC 220 Volt, 50~65Hz

Feature :

* The sterilizer features novel shape, small size, large sterilization volume and quick temperature rise and saves electricity by more than 25%

* Two safety valves are fitted on the sterilizer, when the pressure of the steam reaches 0,16 Mpa - 0,165MPa, they can automatically release extra high pressure.

* The sterilizer is equipment with a sterilization timer, when the time length of sterilization reaches the preset value, the timer will automatically turn off the heating power. Buzzer will be given and the indicator will light up to tell you that the sterilization is finished.

* The sterilizer is equipment with an overload earth leakage protection, which will automatically cut off the power for safety when leakage or super high voltage occurs on the line.

* The main body is made of good quality stainless steel, which feature acid, alkali and corrosion resistance, strong mechanical performance, easy maintenance.

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