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Jayamas Medica Industri (JMI)

Founded by Dr. Jemmy Hartanto in 2002 in Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia. With the vision of manufacturing medical devices that are: Reliable, affordable, and with very good quality. With this he also created the “One Med” brand which is now one of the leading medical device brands in Indonesia.

The company started by manufacturing Urine Bag with only 2.200 meter square facility and 50 employees. After manufacturing Urine Bag, we venture into Antiseptic and Disinfectant products such as rubbing alcohol.

In 2006, JMI started producing disposable syringe thanks to an acquisition of a local manufacturer, and until this day the disposable syringe remain to be our core product. Since then, JMI have tried to venture to new areas such as wound care.

Because of the rapid growth, now JMI employs 500 people with 8.000 meter square production facility.

JMI receive ISO 13485 certification for the first time in 2013, emphasizing our commitment to quality, and receives the “No Accident” certificate annually.

JMI will always continue to look for opportunities to be better and to be more innovative for the benefit of the people.

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