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Onemed Syringe

JMI Syringe

Stera Syringe





Infusion Set


ONEMED 3 Way Stopcock With Tube ONEMED Andalan Uji Kehamilan ONEMED Anesthesi Flow ONEMED Arm Sling Comfort ONEMED Cautery Set ONEMED Detecto Anti HBC ONEMED Detecto Anti HBS ONEMED Blood Transfusion Set ONEMED Cotton Swab ONEMED Dental Needle ONEMED Detecto HbsAg ONEMED Disposable Blood Pressure Cuff ONEMED Dressing Drum ONEMED Duk Lubang Steril ONEMED Endo Needle ONEMED Epidural Mini Set ONEMED Examination Lamp ONEMED Eye Protector ONEMED Feeding Tube ONEMED Female Catheter Disp ONEMED Fistula Needle ONEMED Fuchsin ONEMED Gentian Violet ONEMED Gluco Test ONEMED Glucose + Protein + PH Test ONEMED Glucose + Protein ONEMED HB Meter Sahli ONEMED Hb Skala Tallquist ONEMED Head Lamps ONEMED Hemodyalisis Set ONEMED Hexidine ONEMED Ice Bag ONEMED Infant Bubble CPAP System ONEMED Injection Plug ONEMED Isopore Surgical Tape ONEMED Ishihara Test ONEMED Kapas Dental ONEMED Kapas Putih ONEMED Karbol Gentian Violet ONEMED Kasa Depper ONEMED Kasa Depper X-ray ONEMED Kasa Hidrofil X-Ray Line ONEMED Larutan Hayem ONEMED Larutan Lugol ONEMED Larutan Rees Ecker ONEMED Manual Vaccum Extractor ONEMED Meso Syringe ONEMED N95 Mask ONEMED NaOCl ONEMED Ocufix ONEMED Odex ONEMED Patient Monitor Cuff ONEMED PCR Tube ONEMED Pediatric Urine Collector ONEMED Povidon Iodine ONEMED Pro Hamil Tes ONEMED Quick & Sure Test Kehamilan ONEMED Safety Box ONEMED Snellen Chart ONEMED Spinal Needle ONEMED Sputum Pot ONEMED Steam Sterilization Indicator Tape ONEMED Steril Pouch Roll ONEMED Steril Pouch with indicator ONEMED Stomach Tube ONEMED Stool Container ONEMED Suction Ball ONEMED Suction Connecting Tube ONEMED Sungkup ONEMED Surgical Drape ONEMED Syringe Pump ONEMED Test Kehamilan Instant ONEMED Ultrasonic Fetal Doppler ONEMED Ultrasonic Gel ONEMED Umbilical Cord Clamp ONEMED Underpad Dr.J ONEMED Urinal ONEMED Urine Bag ONEMED Urine Bag Sterile ONEMED Urine Container ONEMED Urobag 2000 ONEMED Ventiflow ONEMED Warm Water Zak (WWZ) ONEMED Wrapping Papper ONEMED Yankauer Tube ONEMED Alkohol 95% ONEMED Hydrogen Peroxide 3% ONEMED Lysol Concentrate ONEMED Mucus Extractor ONEMED 3 Way Stopcock ONEMED 3L Strip Uji Kehamilan Instan ONEMED Amphetamine Test ONEMED Alcohol Test ONEMED Autoclick Device ONEMED Basic Dressing Pack ONEMED Bouffant Cap ONEMED Breast Pump ONEMED Cardio Gel ONEMED Cocaine Test ONEMED Drainage Bag ONEMED Combi 11 Test ONEMED Duk Lubang Non Woven Steril ONEMED Hemodyalisis Pack ONEMED Larutan Asam Sulfosalisilat 20% ONEMED Larutan Benedict ONEMED Larutan Drabkins ONEMED Larutan Eosin 1% ONEMED Larutan Eosine 2% ONEMED Larutan Giemsa ONEMED Larutan HCl-Alkohol 3% ONEMED Larutan Metilen Biru ONEMED Larutan Turk

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